Uber fuels you… Literally…

If you want to go places with your car without spending for fuel then drive Uber. The uber system has recently added four token destinations a day where you can drive to your specified destinations and get riders towards your way. Taking rides for uber sometimes give you not just money for gas, but a little extra for the wallet. But I strongly suggest you don’t turn it into a career for there is no career in it. It is just for gas, and that’s it. If you’re driving on non-surge hours, and you’re driving a mini van or a car with big engine, all you’ll get is mostly just money for gas.

If you drive on surge hours (high demand hours) then you’ll get a little extra for the wallet so you can treat the person you’re meeting free coffee or what not. Believe me, I’ve been picking up uber riders for eleven months now and all I get is gas money and a little extra, so I mostly turn the app on just to pick up riders heading towards my specified destination.

There were days when I did try drive for 8-10 hours straight to test their system and I do get sometimes a clean p1,500-2,000 for ten hours but only if I’m driving the small hatchback with less than 1.0 engine. Now that I’m using a heavy bodied minivan with 1.6 engine on automatic transmission, because they no longer allow small hatchbacks, I only make a clean p500-700 for driving 8-10 hours – that’s all that’s worth my precious time burning my butt driving.

So, if you value your time, and you have other better things to do like blogging, watching the stars, or talking to your pet, use uber just for gas and that little extra for treating your prospects with that nice cup of coffee.

If you have meetings at far away places on a daily basis, Uber will be very useful for you. Imagine how much daily gas and free coffee will cost you in a month. If you want some gas money, go here –> Join UBER (click)

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