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Uber fuels you… Literally…

If you want to go places with your car without spending for fuel then drive Uber. The uber system has recently added four token destinations a day where you can drive to your specified destinations and get riders towards your way. Taking rides for uber sometimes give you not just money for gas, but a little extra for the wallet. But I strongly suggest you don’t turn it into a career for there is no career in it. It is just for gas, and that’s it. If you’re driving on non-surge hours, and you’re driving a mini van or a car with big engine, all you’ll get is mostly just money for gas.

If you drive on surge hours (high demand hours) then you’ll get a little extra for the wallet so you can treat the person you’re meeting free coffee or what not. Believe me, I’ve been picking up uber riders for eleven months now and all I get is gas money and a little extra, so I mostly turn the app on just to pick up riders heading towards my specified destination.

There were days when I did try drive for 8-10 hours straight to test their system and I do get sometimes a clean p1,500-2,000 for ten hours but only if I’m driving the small hatchback with less than 1.0 engine. Now that I’m using a heavy bodied minivan with 1.6 engine on automatic transmission, because they no longer allow small hatchbacks, I only make a clean p500-700 for driving 8-10 hours – that’s all that’s worth my precious time burning my butt driving.

So, if you value your time, and you have other better things to do like blogging, watching the stars, or talking to your pet, use uber just for gas and that little extra for treating your prospects with that nice cup of coffee.

If you have meetings at far away places on a daily basis, Uber will be very useful for you. Imagine how much daily gas and free coffee will cost you in a month. If you want some gas money, go here –> Join UBER (click)

The Tiny House Inspiration

If you’re looking to downsize, cut living costs, or simply just want to finally build your own home, this tiny house is a great inspiration…


Because most of us dream of building mansions it will take us years or some even a lifetime to finally build our own house. Why not dream big right? There is no problem with dreaming big or hitting for the stars, but if you’re in a hurry and want to be alone in your own home right away, consider building small. Like Snowbell in the movie Stuart Little used to say – “I’m telling ya, Stuart – if more people gave up, there’d be fewer wars”

Building small is not surrendering your dream house, it is about starting small and working on your budget. 

Some sign up for a huge loan through a bank without knowing about the need for a counterpart funding. When you sign up for a loan, the bank will release only a small seed start up funding and they require you to produce up to at least thirty percent of the project cost before they make the bigger second and succeeding releases. 

Long adventure trips

In today’s era of modern travel and cheap flights, people prefer to jump straight to their intended destination in minutes instead of taking the long trip and enjoying the views…

A long adventure trip however is not about getting to your destination the fastest way, but enjoying the sceneries along the way.

Take for example a proposed long adventure trip to Mt. Apo in Davao from Cebu. The best most scenic itinerary to Davao is thru Dumaguete then Dipolog then Bukidnon. Imagine the sights you get to traverse such as the centuries old historic churches going south of Cebu, then the university city of Dumaguete also known as the city of gentle people, then through the historic Dapitan where you get to view Rizal’s life in exile, then Oroquieta City one of the cleanest cities in the country and DOH orchid awardee due to its tough campaign on smoking, then Cagayan de Oro City the real gateway to Northern Mindanao, and then just before Davao you get to pass through the canyons and pineapple plantations of Bukidnon. There is a reason why this route is called a long trip because the main point is to enjoy the beautiful places along the way.

Other proposed long trip destinations are: 1. Cebu to Mayon Volcano which passes thru Bogo City, Palompon, Tacloban, Samar, then Sorsogon; 2. Cebu to Mt. Hibok-hibok which passes thru two proposed routes – (route A) via Dumaguete, Dapitan, Oroquieta, Ozamis, Iligan, Cagayan de Oro, Balingoan Misamis Oriental, and Benoni port in Camiguin, and (route B) via Tubigon, Chocolate Hills, Sierra Bullones, Jagna, and Balbagon terminal in Camiguin; 3. Cebu to Agusan River in Butuan which passes thru two proposed routes (route A) via Dumaguete, Dapitan, Oroquieta, Ozamis, Iligan, Cagayan de Oro, and Gingoog City, and (route B) Via Tubigon, Ubay, Bato Leyte, San Ricardo, and Surigao; 4. Cebu to Boracay which passes thru Toledo City, San Carlos, Bacolod, Iloilo City, and Caticlan; or Cebu to Anywhere in the Philippines that is accessible by a Roro boat (roll-on roll-off).

Long adventure land trips can take days yes and you can make it more adventurous and creative by sleeping in tents instead of hotels. If you are traveling in a group, you also get to save on the travel costs since you will only be spending on fuel and the roro fee for the car.

A small light car is proposed for these long land trips to further cut on the travel costs since small cars are charged less in the roro boat and also consumes less fuel. If you would like to book a long land trip for a maximum of 4 people, you may email