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The Tiny House Inspiration

If you’re looking to downsize, cut living costs, or simply just want to finally build your own home, this tiny house is a great inspiration…


Because most of us dream of building mansions it will take us years or some even a lifetime to finally build our own house. Why not dream big right? There is no problem with dreaming big or hitting for the stars, but if you’re in a hurry and want to be alone in your own home right away, consider building small. Like Snowbell in the movie Stuart Little used to say – “I’m telling ya, Stuart – if more people gave up, there’d be fewer wars”

Building small is not surrendering your dream house, it is about starting small and working on your budget. 

Some sign up for a huge loan through a bank without knowing about the need for a counterpart funding. When you sign up for a loan, the bank will release only a small seed start up funding and they require you to produce up to at least thirty percent of the project cost before they make the bigger second and succeeding releases.