Retaining wall – seawall construction

1If you live on an elevated beach lot and your lot has considerably eroded due to rains and the high tide, a seawall is essential especially if your house is very close to the edge of your elevated lot… After considerable rains and the constant battering of the waves during high tide, you might expect to find your house falling to the edge of a cliff…

A protective wall also known as a retaining wall or more commonly called as a seawall is essential. The seawall protects your lot from further erosion and protects your home from destruction.2

Your seawall have to span long enough to protect your lot and your house. A well designed and well budgeted seawall should last up to 20-30 years before it requires minor maintenance works. If a building is expected to last up to 3 decades, a constantly battered seawall should also last 2-3 decades before repairs become necessary. After that period, you don’t have to replace the entire seawall, but you just need to do some restoration or rehabilitation…

3A well versed architect should be able to design your seawall to fit your budget. Your architect will provide you with options on the best seawall design to fit your budget. Your budget will dictate the kind of materials and methodology in building your seawall and a good architect will be able to design it tough enough to last 2-3 decades depending on your budget range…

Here are a few common designs of seawalls for any type of budget…

CIGIN Construction and Development Corporation

CIGIN Construction and Development Corporation is an AA construction company registered with PCAB and the securities and exchange commission.

CIGIN represents the first names of Engr. Cirilo and Mrs. Gina Undaloc – his wife. CIGIN started as a subcon of Gorones Development Corporation. CIGIN later took on more exciting projects in various areas of Leyte. Later on, it took site development projects for North Town Homes and Residences. The company also had several projects in mountainous baranggays both for government and private institutions.

Engr. Undaloc was quickly noticed by Gorones as a promising asset in the construction industry during his excellent contributions to the successes of the industrial development of MEPZ 2, MCDP 2 projects, trans-central highway in Cebu, and the Bohol circumferential road.

The company through the excellent leadership of Engr. Undaloc quickly became a most sought after company and it was awarded good projects from companies like the APO Cement Corporation, Dykarhoff & Widmann AG (Dwidag), Shimizu Philippines, the Ayala Group of Companies, Dungsung Construction, and the Western Philippines Corporation.

Even during the economic slump of 1997, Undaloc Construction still got projects from both private and government entities. After it’s conceived popularity in the construction industry, the company decided to take on vertical projects.

banawa hqNow CIGIN is among the best and most reliable construction companies not just in Cebu City but all over the Philippines. In Cebu, it’s most prominent project is the Paseo Arcenas in Banawa…

You can contact CIGIN at

US Navy’s NAVFAC (Naval Facilities Engineering Command) comes to Cebu

navfac bannerNAVFAC, the engineering command of the US Navy, has an upcoming project here in Cebu City. The project is an additional floor of an already existing 2-storey laboratory building inside the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center. The additional floor will serve as research laboratory for dengue. The US Navy hopes to control and eventually eradicate dengue and other recurring health problems in the City.

For those who may not know it, NAVFAC has several humanitarian projects all over the Philippines but are mostly concentrated in the Luzon and Leyte areas. This upcoming project in Cebu City will be the first for NAVFAC here.

The preliminary conference for the laboratory project was held last November 24, 2014 at the Radisson Blu – and anyone can bid – simply contact us for the details on how to bid.

Anyone can bid, but only those with PCAB licenses can be awarded a NAVFAC project.

Elizabeth Construction

banner 2Elizabeth Construction is a middle to high end contractor specializing in residential projects and hotel buildings. Among other contractors in Cebu, Elizabeth construction stands out due to its commitment to high quality and total customer satisfaction. Nowadays it will be hard to find a contractor who prioritizes customer satisfaction over profits, but Elizabeth construction does just that. The company’s guiding principle is that customer satisfaction comes first to everything else in the business… after all, customer satisfaction will bring in more customers…

One of the company’s top satisfied customers – David Gardner, a designer himself finds Elizabeth Construction the best contractor in Cebu. His home in Mactan is currently being built by Elizabeth Construction – with Engr. Jerzon Figueroa at the helm. “You can cut paper with the pointed corners of a house or pillar that this guy builds…” (David Gardner)

Elizabeth Construction Exterior Designs:

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Elizabeth Construction Interior Designs:

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Cebu is booming as ever

Despite the world economic slump, Cebu continues to grow, and is still growing today. You don’t have to listen to the news or watch bloomberg to seet it. Just look around, if you are in Cebu, and you’ll see buildings and residential structures still continue to rise. The construction industry is busy as investments continue to pour in, making Cebu one of the most active economies in Asia.

If you are an architect or a contractor, you can get in front of investors or home builders looking to build something in Cebu by submitting your designs or your complete portfolio on this portal.

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