JACCS Builder: Design, build, and renovations

JACCS Builder is a design and build and renovations company offering one of the most affordable construction services available today. Jaccs is owned by Engr. Jeffrey Sesnorio, a sibling of the owner of Elizabeth construction. Jeffrey is the backbone and main guy of the operations of Elizabeth construction, but he recently formed his own JACCS Builder. So, if you want experience and affordability, JACCS is your builder. 


  1. John says:

    How much will be for gutter and roof replacement?

    • Admin says:

      Hi John,

      What is the approximate area of your roof.

      If you have a roofplan (part of the blueprint), please email it to admin@topcebucontractors.info

      Or you may request for a site survey so we can check on your roof and take measurements.


  2. ferdinandus moojen says:

    i want to build a 45sqm 2 storey house being bottom floor blockwork and upper floor timber framed with a slight flat curved roof
    2 toilets

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